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Strategic Plans

Professional Learning Grant (PLG) 2021/2022 

The Welsh Government have awarded all schools in Wales with extra financial support to enable all teaching and learning staff to prepare for the new curriculum for Wales. Schools are required to publish their plans.  

At St Joseph’s RC High School, the Professional Learning Grant will support us in realising our commitment to improving the quality of learning and teaching across the school. This means ensuring our professional learning offer for staff meets the expectations and vision set out by the Welsh Government who consider the development of schools as learning organisations a key means for realising the new curriculum. The key seven dimensions within this vision are: 

  • Developing a shared vision centred on the learning of all learners 
  • Creating and supporting continuous learning opportunities for all staff 
  • Promoting team learning and collaboration among all staff 
  • Establishing a culture of enquiry, innovation and exploration 
  • Embedding systems for collecting and exchanging knowledge for learning 
  • Learning with and from the external environment and wider learning system 
  • Modelling and growing learning leadership 
Our PLG is spent in the following way for 2021-22

Appointing additional staff to allow time to:  

  • Support teachers in the effective planning, implementation, and delivery of the new curriculum. 
  • Support the seconded assistant headteacher to work with our primary Catholic cluster in co-constructing a plan that allows for a consistent understanding and approach to how the new curriculum is being designed and taught cross phase. 
  • Support the ALNCO in attending national, regional and cluster meetings to ensure best practice is shared in the realisation of the new ALN code. 

Pupil Development Grant (PDG)

The School receives a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government to support pupils in receipt of free school meals (FSM). The key aim of the grant is to reduce the impact of poverty on educational attainment. This financial year (2021/22) the school received £190,900.

The school has 1212 pupils (Years 7-11, 21/10/2021). 18.73% are in receipt of free school meals.

The grant has been used this financial year to support the following activities / initiatives:

  • Provide 1 learning coach to support and remove barriers to learning and raise pupil aspirations
  • Provide 2 teachers to reduce class sizes in Maths and Science in order to maximise the teaching and learning opportunities for the FSM pupils in Maths and Science
  • Employ a Higher Level Teaching Assistant to provide intervention for the FSM pupils in KS3 looking at developing their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Employ ­1 full-time Cover Supervisor to enable senior leaders to provide strategic leadership to impact on the attainment of FSM pupils.
  • Provide a rewards and excellence programme linked to attainment for FSM pupils.

The School’s PDG grant plans are presented to and agreed annually with our Governing Body and monitored/scrutinised by the South East Wales Education Advisory Service (EAS) and the Local Authority. Spending against our agreed plan is reported regularly to the Governing Body Finance Committee. This same process also applies to our Education Improvement Grant (EIG).

ALP (3RRRs) Learner Recovery Grant 2021-2022

The School received an ALP (3 RRRs) Learner Recovery Grant from the Welsh Assembly
Government in two tranches to cover the academic year (£63,681 and £38,263).

The grant has been used for the following purposes to aid learner recovery post COVID:

  • 1 x Assistant Headteacher (Seconded) to ensure outcomes at KS4 are in line with expectations
  • 1 x Cover Supervisor to provide cover for teaching staff to ensure learner outcomes at all key stages are in line with expectations
  • To purchase/provide departmental resources (revision guides and textbooks)

The school's ALPs (RRRs) grant spending plan has been presented to and agreed by Governors and is monitored/scrutinised by the South East Wales Education Advisory Service and Local Authority. Spending against our agreed plan is reported regularly to the Governing Body's Resources Committee.