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SLT & Teaching staff

Below is a list of our Senior Leadership Team, Heads of Year and Heads of Departments.

Leadership Team

Mrs J Jarrett

Mrs J Morgan
Deputy Headteacher

Mr M Rowland
Business, Estates and
Personnel Manager

Mr T Seghiri
Assistant Headteacher
(Head of Key Stage 3)

Mr J Ryan
Assistant Headteacher

Mr T Nunn
Assistant Headteacher
(Head of Key Stage 4)

Mrs K Burke
Assistant Headteacher

Mrs R Hanford
Assistant Headteacher

Heads of Years

Mrs G Burgoyne-Hyden
Head of Year 7

Miss K Read
Head of Year 8

Mrs Y Richards
Head of Year 9

Mr S Wood
Head of Year 10

Mrs S Webster
Head of Year 11

Mr L Green
Head of Sixth Form

Heads of Departments

Mrs K Burke
Religious Education

Mrs l Jones
(Acting) English

Mrs E Chamberlain

 M Skuse - Head of Science
Mrs C Williams

Miss S Morris

 Miss V Hill
Miss V Hill

Miss B Doyle
Performing Arts

 Mrs N Walsh - Geography
Mr B Frost

 Mr G Seymour - History
Mr A Doughton

Miss D Jones

Mr C Wyatt
Computer Science

Mrs C Clements
International Languages

Mr G O'Driscoll
Physical Education

Mrs L Winterflood

 Mrs S Davies
Mrs J Davies
Technology &
Health and Social Care

Mrs R Davies

Mrs R Price
Welsh Baccalaureate

 Mrs S Davies
Mrs S Webster
Media Studies

To access a full list of teaching staff please click the document below.