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Cyngor Cymreig

 Helpwyr Hanner Tymor

Last year the Adran Gymraeg started an initiative to get the students more involved in promoting the Welsh language in and around the school and subject areas The Helpwyr Hanner Tymor initiative was very popular with pupils and staff so we've decided to keep it going.

Each half term the staff from yr Adran Gymraeg will nominate a Helpwyr Hanner Tymor from each form in Key Stage 3, they will be recognised by wearing an orange badge with "Cymraeg" on them. Please feel free to ask them about this role in more detail - our pupils love having this sense of responsibility and they wear the badge with pride. 

Cyngor Cymreig

Our SJHS Welsh students want to encourage our community to use Welsh more commonly around the school. They believe we should have lots of opportunities to use Welsh outside of our Welsh lessons too.

They meet once a fortnight Wednesday afternoon and are made up of students from each year group. The projects we are working at the moment are:

  • Year 7 girls have provided an article about Cyngor Cymreig for the Spring newsletter.
  • Year 7 boys and Year 9 are making a video about Welsh in St Joseph’s.
  • Year 10 have delivered Welsh lessons to teachers to help them with their Welsh during ‘Tweak it Tuesday’ sessions.
  • Year 11 and Year 8 boys are making the phrase of the fortnight - keep an eye out for updates.

Phrase of the Fortnight:

Esgusodwch fi...
Excuse me...

Siaradwr Cymraeg y Pythetnos

Welsh Speakers of the month award go to:

Voting taking place...

Keep an eye out on SJTV and the website for further phrases and Welsh Speaker Champions.