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"What We Remember"

A poem dedicated to Miss Jenkins, by Ciara Cullen Year 13. How can we begin to describe the one off who’s left us all so sad? The greatest example of a nurturer, a listener that we’ve ever had

by Ciara Cullen Year 13

How can we begin to describe the one off who’s left us all so sad?
The greatest example of a nurturer, a listener that we’ve ever had,
The epitome of success day in and day out,
The familiar stranger that everyone shouts about.

We bow to her strength, determination and persistence,
And imagine the unyielding gracefulness of her resistance
The iron-lady, our indefinable inextinguishable guiding light,
Her impregnable strength of character the origin of her might.

She made you feel so much more than a face in the crowd,
Her vision of love and faith on us has she endowed,
So free with herself that your queries had her undivided attention,
Even whilst being terrified of earning a very stern detention.

Forgiving, fair, family-orientated and true
There’s nothing that if you asked she would not do,
A personal and professional role model for all she met
Her presence surrounds us, impossible to forget.

A devilish sense of humour coupled with a stylish personality,
It is in our memories that she’s granted deserved immortality,
Selfless, brave, compassionate and undeniably wise
She was always approachable, eager to advise.

The supportive most active crusader for our cause,
The mirror of potential that continually gave you pause,
Stubborn in the midst of a challenge, she was the bravest woman we ever knew.
She was the fertiliser through which all of God’s gifts grew.

She is the welcoming spirit with and beyond these four walls,
It is because of her that we can answer whenever God calls,
Relentlessly positive, kind and forever caring
Her sacrosanct legacy is far above comparing.

In the darkest days she saw the light in us all,
She was a constant, a friend init for the long haul,
The conscientious, hard-working leader we’ve all admired,
The force of nature that has left us all beautifully inspired.

The jewel in our crown, the captain at our helm,
The angel who will be as much of a presence in her new realm,
The philanthropist behind our unique blend of community,
Has left none behind that can claim immunity,
From the impact and evident imprint she has left on our lives,
In the inheritance of her St. Joseph’s, that still and always survives.