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Year 8 go to the Moon!

Year 8 have had a once in a lifetime opportunity to study rock samples from the moon, supplied by NASA!

The rock samples were a variety of unique and precious meteorites. The NASA manned exploration to the Moon, in the late 1960's and early 1970's, resulted in the Appollo astronauts bringing 382 kilograms of lunar materials back to Earth.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the experience of touching and studying these rare and irreplaceable meteorites:

"As we held the rocks if felt as though we were almost holding the Moon in our hands. We also got to try astronaut ice-cream"  Amelia Alder-Woolf

"I thought being given the oppourtunity to have a hands on look at some fragments of meteorites was a great experience which I will remember for a long time"  Harry McInerney

"Having the experience of studying 4.5 billion year old rocks was a very exciting activity because I have never held anything that old before!!!"  Eleanor Haley

"Knowing that these rocks came from NASA made this experience ten times better"  India Farkes