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National Category: SJHS Excellent

The National Categorisation has identified St Joseph's as a: Group 1, Group A and Green. We are delighted to have sustained this positon of excellence.

The National Categorisation has identified St. Joseph's RC High School as a:

Group 1 school for standards
Group A school for its quality of teaching, leadership and its capacity timprove
Green for its level of support required.

We are delighted to have sustained this positon of excellence from last year (Standards Group 1; Group A; and Green). It reflects an enormous amount of hard work from our brilliant staff and pupils. Our GCSE and A Level examination results, over the last two years, have been the best in the school's history. We will continue to focus on ensuing that our young people leave school as successful learners who have developed a love of learning and are confident, caring citizens who make a positive contribution to society.

What is the National School Categorisation System?

The National School Categorisation System provides a systematic view of a school’s performance, based on publicly available data and the school’s own self-evaluation in respect of leadership, learning and teaching.

The system offers a holistic approach to school improvement, which allows the regional consortia challenge advisers to take the context of the school into account when determining the level of support a school requires to support it to improve.

The National School Categorisation system gives us a clear and fair picture of how well our school is performing compared with other schools across Wales.

The system is based on three simple steps. It is not purely data-driven and takes into account the quality of leadership, teaching and learning in our schools.

Step One: Standards group: a range of information is used to make a judgement about the school’s standards, resulting in a standards Group. Standards group 1 is the group that performs most strongly against the agreed measures.

Step Two: Improvement capacity: an evaluation of the school’s capacity to improve further, taking account of the evidence about the standards and the quality of leadership, teaching and learning, resulting in an improvement capacity. Schools where the judgement is an A show the greatest capacity to improve along with the ability to support other schools.

Step Three: Support category: bringing the judgement on the standards group and improvement capacity together to decide on the school’s support category, colour coded either green, yellow, amber or red.

For more information or if you have any queries about National Categorisation, please contact me at the school, alternatively the parent's guide and frequently asked questions document are attached and are also available on the school website. The formal publication of our school's National Categorisation is available to download from My Local School website