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SJHS Sporting Life

At St Joseph's we are proud to say we have a huge amount of sporting talent amongst the students. The PE department, run by an enthusiastic and ultra passionate team of teachers, encourages sporting achievement to be celebrated...from the smallest goal finally reached in the gym to the biggest British accolade won.

Our Girls Can

The new booklet created by our PE teacher Mrs Summers is full of inspirational motivation, fitness techniques, health tips, WODS, celebrity workouts and even prom dress ideas. There is also an inspirational film playing on SJTV featuring many of the faces you will recognise around school, who all take part if some form of fitness regime. Just to give you that extra boost of "I can do it"... Be proud...Our Girls Can!

 Our Girls Can Brochure There is no excuse...
to download the book and really get started click on this document

Sporting Superstars

Congratulations to our sporting superstars. These students have been awarded this title due to their unfaltering and consistent sporting achievement both inside and outside of school.





















The PE department celebrates the outstanding achievements of many of our students whether it be as a result of their performance, ability to lead or their willingness to persevere in lessons. 

Clubs, Fixtures and Results

Our clubs and fixtures are currently cancelled.