Transport/Student Drop Off


Bus passes must be valid and presented for each journey or money to purchase ticket for travel to and from school.

The policy for NAT Group is that all children travelling to school need to have a valid pass or money to purchase an appropriate ticket for travel to school, therefore, no pass and no money results in no travel and the children would need to make alternative arrangements to get to school.

Once in school, we will liaise with school staff to ensure the children to travel home. Pupils that require passes need to arrange for a replacement at the earliest opportunity or those that pay will need to ensure they have sufficient funds the following day. The current cost of a replacement bus pass is £10.

Our drivers have been given instructions regarding travel to and from school in both Newport and Cardiff, and we apply a consistent approach across all the schools we serve.

Application for Post 16 Transport - Travel to and from St Joseph's RC High School
Click here to download the 2016/2017 NAT bus application form.


When dropping students off at school in the morning or picking up in the afternoon, please follow these simple procedures. This should ensure the safety of your children and minimise any negative impact on the surrounding neighbours.

• Please drop off/pick up students inside the school grounds.
• There are specific drop off spaces at the front of the school.
• Please do not drop off/pick up students outside the front gates.
• Please do not drop off/pick up students at the back gate (Sandpiper Way).

PLEASE RESPECT THE LOCAL RESIDENTS: Please do not park and wait for your child on Sandpiper Way (at the back of the school), some residents are finding it very hard to come and go especially one family who need access for a disability vehicle.

Thank you for your cooperation. Diolch yn fawr.