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Student Voice

School Council

Our St Joseph's School Council have introduced themselves and their passions during our Council Meeting chaired by Mr Humpage this week. Students from Years 7-13 shared a little about their future ambitions but also what they would like to see the school council actioning at St Joseph's over the next academic year.

Our student's voice will be a strong one this year, as many of the new council are very passionate about communicating with their peers and form classes and are excited to start communicating lots of new ideas.

If you are not a member of the council but have ideas or a voice you wish to share, please look out for your representative and have a chat with them.









Wellbeing at St Joseph's - Canteen Revamp

The school canteen, run brilliantly by Mrs K Breen, Chartwells Catering Manager and her team, needed a revamp! Our school council representatives from Years 7-13 have helped design and produce new graphics to give the canteen a more friendly, cafe feel. Their research is base primarily on wellbeing, healthy eating and balanced diets. 

Senedd Visit

St Joseph’s was very proud to host ‘Senedd Newport’. Thirty of our school ambassadors met Assembly members and took part in one of the Assembly’s strategic objectives - ‘Engaging with the people of Wales and promoting Wales’. One of the assembly’s core aims was to place activities in a town or city over the course of a week and facilitate meetings, consultation events, youth engagement activities or delivering workshops in schools and colleges. The Equalities, Local Government and Communities Committee met with students from Years 7-13 to explore young people’s perceptions and understanding of human rights. There was some fantastic public speaking, sharing of ideas and debate, our young ambassadors showed their passion, empathy and hope for the future in a variety of innovative and creative ways.