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Whatever your motivation is, the brutal truth is the exams aren’t going away - so you might as well tackle them head on...and win! You can do this. You really can. Everyone at school and at home will support you. But you need to take on this challenge now!

Use our revision booklet to help you get started, make a plan and finish with a successful exam result.

Revision and Support Timetable 2017-18

Day Lunchtime Revision/Support After School Revision/Support
Tues Sociology Resit Yr 11
Business Revision - F2/F3
Homework Support Yr8 - S2
Art Yr 10/11 - Mrs Neale
Wed   Art Yr 10/11 - Miss Morris
Thurs Business Revision - F2/F3
Homework Support Yr8 - S2
Art Yr 10/11 - Miss Hughes
French Yr11 GCSE

* English Language revision will be focused in skill lessons and pm reg support for key pupils
* Resistant Materials theory and revision is also covered in lessons

Progress Exams

Progress exams are an excellent opportunity to demonstrate the knowledge and skills students have developed.
It is an excellent time for students to organise a large section of revision notes ready for the summer exams and to learn key facts/skills needed. This revision and practice will help massively in preparing for May and June, a large percentage of information will be much easier to recall /revise the second time around.

We expect students to revise for a minimum of 1.5 hours each evening at the moment.

Two subjects each evening, 45 minutes on each.  (If they have attended an after-school session this would mean a commitment to only one at home).

Students are advised to use a 4 part rota, so that their revision programme is quick to organise.

Monday: Science-Option 1
Tuesday: English Literature- option 2
Wednesday: RE-option 3
Thursday: Welsh- Science 2
Saturday and Sunday: 1, 2, 3 and 4 minimum

Closer to the exam students should focus more on a subject each night, but they cannot afford to wait until that evening before as there is too much to cram in and practice.

Useful GCSE Revision Sites:

BBC Bitesize
Revision Help

 Year 11 Support
Please click on this document to see what help can be given to aid your child's success.

Exam Topics 2017-2018:

Just click on the relevant year below to see subjects and topics lists.