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We pride ourselves on being a school that listens and always welcomes feedback from parents, carers, governors, students, staff and the wider community. To support this partnership our policies are designed to inform all stakeholders of our practices and procedures that are in place to ensure that the students in our care are given the opportunity to identify and develop their potential intellectually, physically, spiritually and socially.

For more in-depth information on our policies please download the listed documents below:

 Education Fixed Penalty Notices
Click on this document for more information about the importance of attendance and fixed penalty notices for unauthorised absences from school.

Professional Learning for Planned Grant

Financial Year 2018/19 
Please click on this document for a detailed breakdown.


Pupil Development Grant (PDG)

The School receives a grant from the Welsh Assembly Government to support pupils in receipt of free school meals (FSM). The key aim of the grant is to reduce the impact of poverty on educational attainment. This financial year (2016/17) the school received £173,650. The school has 1159 pupils (Years 7-11 September 2017). 11.8% are in receipt of free school meals. This is 1% less than when previously reported.

The grant has been used this financial year to support the following activities/initiatives:-

  • Provide 3 learning coaches to support and remove barriers to learning and raise pupil aspirations
  • Provide a teacher to reduce class sizes in Maths in order to maximise the teaching and learning opportunities for the FSM pupils in Maths
  • Employ a Higher Level Teaching Assistant to provide intervention for the FSM pupils in KS3 looking at developing their literacy and numeracy skills
  • Employ a Cover Supervisor to enable senior leaders to provide strategic leadership to impact on the attainment of FSM pupils
  • Sound Training - to improve literacy and numeracy via a literacy and numeracy training package to enhance the Literacy & Numeracy Framework (LNF) skills of FSM pupils
  • Increased Senior Leadership capacity to lead, manage and oversee the above staff and programmes, and develop FSM pupil attainment, raise aspirations, improve attendance and lower exclusions.

The School’s PDG grant plans are presented to and agreed annually with our Governing Body and monitored/scrutinised by the South East Wales Education Advisory Service (EAS) and the Local Authority. Spending against our agreed plan is reported regularly to the Governing Body Finance Committee. This same process also applies to our Education Improvement Grant (EIG).