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Parents’ and carers’ guide to secondary school for children aged 11 to 14
The Welsh Government believes that giving young learners a sound foundation for the future will benefit children and Wales as a whole in the long term.

Parents and carers have a vital role to play in helping their children to learn and, more importantly, to enjoy school and learning. This guide will help explain what your child is learning in secondary school.

It will give you some ideas about how to help your child and where to get more information, and will explain how their progress will be measured and reported to you.

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Kinship Carers'

In response to a number of concerns expressed by both schools and parents directly, GAVO has worked closely with the Kinship Care Development Officer at Children in Wales to facilitate this new support group for families in Newport who have full time care for a child that is not their birth child. These families will likely describe themselves as being in a ‘Private Fostering’ relationship or will be under a Special Guardianship Order (SGO) arrangement (or going through the legal process).

Social Services have surveyed known families in this situation and they have requested this support group. The families contacted so far have stated that it is better for them to meet on a weekday in the mornings. Therefore, the first meeting will be held on Tuesday 25th April at 10.00am here at the GAVO offices in Church Rd.

If you can't attend the weekday meetings, please contact Bernadette Byrne, Parent Participation Officer at GAVO. For more information click on the flyer below.