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KS2 Transition

Transition 2019

3 July 2019 - New Year 7 Information Evening          

Session 1: 5.00 pm – 5.50 pm for pupils attending:
St Mary’s, RC Primary, Newport
St David’s RC Primary
St Patrick’s RC Primary
St Gabriel’s RC Primary

Session 2: 6.00 pm – 6.50 pm for pupils attending:
St Mary’s RC Primary, Chepstow
St Joseph’s RC Primary
St Michael’s RC Primary
Other primary schools

4 and 5 July 2019 - New Year 7 Transition days 9.30 am – 2.15 pm


We are enormously proud of building excellent foundations for our young people’s future careers and whetting their appetites for lifelong learning.

This pride is in so much more than examination results, as important as they are. As William Butler Yeats once said “Education is not the filling of a pail but instead the lighting of a fire”. This is the aspiration we have for your children and we hope and pray that we continue to provide a fertile earth within which your children will grow and flourish with us. Whichever school or part of the world you are joining us from we are looking forward to meeting you, but first you might have some questions...please take time to read our transition brochure. It marks the start of the essential partnership between home and school, which forms the foundation of the success that your children will experience with us at St Joseph’s RC High School.

Transition Team projects

Our Year 7 students are already proud to be part of the St Joseph's community and our Transition Team are proud to show new Year 6 students a modern-day diary about life at St Joseph's, illustrating things such as friendship groups, daily routines and classrooms. 
Check our movie "Day in the Life " by clicking on the frame below.









Transition Evenings

During the evening, pupils and parents/carers will meet the Senior Leadership team, Head of Year and form tutor. It is an occasion where pupils start their bonding with staff and peers and where important information is given to families. We will also be gathering essential personal details that will enable home and school to communicate quickly and effectively. Parents and carers will be able to view our school uniform and talk to our official school suppliers, Macey Sports and Trutex. Representatives from Newport Transport will be present to answer any questions regarding bus payment, passes, routes and timetables. In addition, staff from our Inclusion Department will be available to answer queries related to additional educational need.

New Year 7 Transition days 9.30 am – 2.15 pm

At the start of both days, pupils who attend Catholic primaries will be expected to attend their school punctually as transport will be provided for the visit to St Joseph’s High School. Parents will then be able to pick pupils up from their current primary schools at the end of the day as return travel has also been arranged. Families with pupils coming from non-Catholic cluster Primaries are asked to make their own arrangements to and from school ensuring that pupils are on school site by 9.30am and are picked up at 2.15pm.

The transition days are very busy and generate a lot of visitors to our school site. Therefore, for health and safety reasons please park your car in the main car park and walk pupils to the main reception where you will be greeted by some of our school ambassadors. When picking up please do not park on the double yellow lines and be ready to meet pupils from the main reception. For both days we ask pupils to bring their normal pencil case so they are equipped for learning activities and that parents provide a packed lunch and water for their children, this will be eaten in our school canteen in order for pupils to experience the surroundings and meet the staff.

Pupils will spend time with their forms and tutors as well as undertaking a tour of the school, meeting with year 7 transition ambassadors and experiencing Maths, Science, Technology, Art and RE lessons.

If you require any specific access arrangements for the transition evening, for example reserving a wheelchair space please contact Mr Foster, Site Manager, 01633 653120.